Time had stopped


I always thought that music was magic, that it was a kind of magic. Since this first when I was 6 or 7 years old and finally I could press a touch of this piano that fascinated me every time I went to this old lady. One day, she told me “do you like this piano? Just go”. So I pressed a random key. And in this immense salon the reverberation of the note has spread almost to infinity. Time had stopped and I had just switched to another dimension.

This moment has changed my life. Because as soon as I was old enough to learn to play music, I enrolled in the music school in my city. Today, more than forty years later, I remain fascinated, more than ever.

It’s Sunday, I woke up very early, everyone is sleeping. I love these moments of deep calm. The aglomeration of the city has not yet awakened. Still moments when time stops. Or in any case slowed down. It is conducive to reflection, concentration, relaxation. Focus on work.

Let’s go sit at the edge of the galaxy, and contemplate ..

Thank you very much for your support! I wish you a peaceful sunday. :0)

Track: “On The Edge Of The Galaxy“.
On The Edge Of The Galaxy” Album, track 02.
Released on March 25, 2018.

Spotify me: https://open.spotify.com/album/0TH3QdXbmXh8Nh6wCnrQVn
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You like Musicoin?


It was a demo.. an idea row in a corner.. something I did not know what to do with. I’m working on multiple tracks these last days, so, I finally decided to launch this old work in progress. After a couple of hours of work, here it is: “Electron“. It’s all fresh, I just published it. Let me know what do you think.

I’ve previously said I like repetitive and hypnotic paterns. If you have listened to “Moon Dance“, It’s something on the same taste. May be I will work on an entire Album on these Dance Beats.

You can get it on Bandcamp. Thank you very much for your support! :0)

More music.


In Slow Motion (Preview)

I work hard on several projects. And at some point, you have to make decisions, for one reason or another. Some come very naturally, thankfully. As things change, I thought it would be wise to rename one of the albums I’m working on: previously called “Orbital Phase I“. The idea came from the production, we created a playlist with some demo titles, etc. and named it “In Slow Motion“. It was perfect!

The exact number of compositions that will be present is not yet fixed. Nevertheless, it is now possible to listen to a preview of what will be: “In Slow Motion“. Three tracks for now. The graphic art was created by Delyth Angharad. I just made a little work on colours. Not the definitive one.

Thank you very much for your support! Have a fantastic day.. or night! :0) I hope you will enjoy this journey In Slow Motion. Put your headphones and let me know.

More music.


.: 2019 Landing : Happy New Year ! :.

Dear Music Lovers,

We finally found the way to go through the portal, we are in 2019..
I wish you the best! :0) Happy New Year 2019!

Woodoo Prod made for the occasion a Meditative Music Playlist, you can listen it on Choon. I recommend a headphone to fully appreciate the journey.

You can also listen this playlist here, or on Soundcloud.

Thank you for your great support. :0)

Take care.
Much #Love. & #Peace
Solar Phasing

Musicoin Artists: Your Musicoins Withdrawal – A fast way!

You are an artist on Musicoin, you have earned some coins from your music and now you want to withdraw some money. A very important point you need to know about withdrawal of your Musicoins, is you can do it instantly by yourself. One of the previous solution was to first have a Musicoin Desktop Wallet, transfer your Musicoins from you profile account on the Musicoin website to the Musicoin Desktop Wallet, and then send them to Cryptopia or Bittrex.

A fastest way is to download the Coinomi Wallet on your Android or IOS device: https://www.coinomi.com (Note: the Coinomi Wallet will be available soon on Desktop, announced for Q3 2018).

Download it and create your secure Coinomi Wallet. Think to save the seed and your password on various safe places.

Once your Coinomi Wallet is installed on your device, the first thing to do is to create a Musicoin Address adding Musicoin from the cryptocurrencies listing (left menu), in order to receive your musicoins directly sent from you Musicoin Site Profile Account. Now you can send Musicoins directly from your Musicoin Profile Account to the Coinomi Wallet. Stack them or send them to Cryptopia or Bittrex to trade. To send your musicoins from the Coinomi Wallet to another wallet or exchange, it cost you only 0.00002 Musicoins fees.

On Bittrex, you can convert your $Music to BTC. On Cryptopia, you can convert your $Music to BTCLTC or DOGE.

Musicoin Exchanges Listing:



The Coinomi Wallet manage a lot of cryptocurrencies, so you can create a wallet address for any coin or altcoin you want to deal with. Convert between altcoins instantly from within the app, through ShapeShift and Changelly.

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Hope this publication can help. Thank you very much for all your support.

Much #LoVe. See you.. :0)

Solar Phasing – @SolarPhasing

The Musicoin Streaming Revolution

Musicoin guys are pionners!

They launched a great music project based on blockchain technology and a with a very good philosophy. The UBI (Universal Basic Income, read the Whitepaper) pays the streams for the listeners, and the musicians are paid instantly for each play of their music. Fans and listeners can stream music for free, forever. They can also give tips to the artists with musicoins they can buy or they can receive. 

The musicoin cryptocurrency, called $Music, is already on the market, so it’s concrete money for the artists. The dev team newly fixed the Pay Per Play smart contract (PPP)  at a $0.011 rate in early september 2018, even is the $MUSIC value is below that rate, to give value to the artists and their music. We can thanks them for that!

Soon, the Mobile App will launch. it’s a great potential for the musicoin project future. And they have good ideas for. Stay in tune..

I believe on the music streaming revolution with blockchain!
Join Us!  & Support Us!

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Choon Top 5 Tracks (August 15 2018)

A Short Walk made an interesting move because it’s the last piece released and he finds himself in the third place of the top. Path of Light is still the most listened track. On The Edge Of The Galaxy, which also bears the name of the last released EP is in second place. The more I listen to this album, the happier I am of the final result. One might think that it was easy to produce, but it really isn’t the case, there was a lot of work, a lot of listening. All this took a long time, over a period of about a year. I recommend listening it to the headphones to capture all the subtlety. It’s a very relaxing trip. Earth Message from previous EP Relics is an Electronica Downtempo with a robotic female voice passing a message. Orbital Phase I (track title can change) is a Work In Progress of one of the next album.

(Based on Track Statistics for Last 28 Days).

You are an artist or a listener and want to earn Notes? With this link you have priority during the registration process on the platform. Start uploading your music and earn money without intermediary, or start making playlists of music you love following new emergent artists on ChoonJoin the community now!

What is Choon?
Choon is a music streaming service and digital payments ecosystem based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Gareth Emery told Magnetic Magazine,

“When it comes to getting paid fairly, artists get a worse deal today than ever. Contrary to popular belief, there is money there, but it’s going to the wrong people. We want to radically change the game. Finally giving new and emerging artists a chance to get be fairly paid for their music, and making it far easier to create contracts for collaborations, management, samples and licensing.”  

On Choon, artists will have complete control over their content. They’ll share their music directly to consumers. Choon will use its own payment tokens dubbed NOTES, as well as ‘Smart Record Contracts.’ According to Emery, this would make ‘contracts permanent’ and ‘replace many of the procedures for licensing and contracting today.’Source: https://dalilyentxpress.com/2017/12/11/choon-blockchain-is-it-the-future/

Hence Choon, which you can think of as a blockchain-based cross between SoundCloud and Bandcamp, in the sense that independent artists upload their music to make it available to an audience online, but then receive royalties back based on an 80% revenue share deal.

The idea is that the platform will also enable artists to sell downloads, tickets and merchandise, as well as to stream private concerts and accept tips from fans.   Source: http://musically.com/2018/02/05/gareth-emery-blockchain-music-startup-choon/

Sequential Approach

Logbook – Entry 3671

I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was approaching an unknown planet, obviously with an atmosphere. I was not going to wander endlessly. Hope can be reborn. Although I did not know if the air was breathable, I have to land.

I go on approach procedure.