Musicoin Artists: Your Musicoins Withdrawal – A fast way!

You are an artist on Musicoin, you have earned some coins from your music and now you want to withdraw some money. A very important point you need to know about withdrawal of your Musicoins, is you can do it instantly by yourself. One of the previous solution was to first have a Musicoin Desktop Wallet, transfer your Musicoins from you profile account on the Musicoin website to the Musicoin Desktop Wallet, and then send them to Cryptopia or Bittrex.

A fastest way is to download the Coinomi Wallet on your Android or IOS device: (Note: the Coinomi Wallet will be available soon on Desktop, announced for Q3 2018).

Download it and create your secure Coinomi Wallet. Think to save the seed and your password on various safe places.

Once your Coinomi Wallet is installed on your device, the first thing to do is to create a Musicoin Address adding Musicoin from the cryptocurrencies listing (left menu), in order to receive your musicoins directly sent from you Musicoin Site Profile Account. Now you can send Musicoins directly from your Musicoin Profile Account to the Coinomi Wallet. Stack them or send them to Cryptopia or Bittrex to trade. To send your musicoins from the Coinomi Wallet to another wallet or exchange, it cost you only 0.00002 Musicoins fees.

On Bittrex, you can convert your $Music to BTC. On Cryptopia, you can convert your $Music to BTCLTC or DOGE.

Musicoin Exchanges Listing:

The Coinomi Wallet manage a lot of cryptocurrencies, so you can create a wallet address for any coin or altcoin you want to deal with. Convert between altcoins instantly from within the app, through ShapeShift and Changelly.

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The Musicoin Streaming Revolution

Musicoin guys are pionners!

They launched a great music project based on blockchain technology and a with a very good philosophy. The UBI (Universal Basic Income, read the Whitepaper) pays the streams for the listeners, and the musicians are paid instantly for each play of their music. Fans and listeners can stream music for free, forever. They can also give tips to the artists with musicoins they can buy or they can receive. 

The musicoin cryptocurrency, called $Music, is already on the market, so it’s concrete money for the artists. The dev team newly fixed the Pay Per Play smart contract (PPP)  at a $0.011 rate in early september 2018, even is the $MUSIC value is below that rate, to give value to the artists and their music. We can thanks them for that!

Soon, the Mobile App will launch. it’s a great potential for the musicoin project future. And they have good ideas for. Stay in tune..

I believe on the music streaming revolution with blockchain!
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Sequential Approach

Logbook – Entry 3671

I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was approaching an unknown planet, obviously with an atmosphere. I was not going to wander endlessly. Hope can be reborn. Although I did not know if the air was breathable, I have to land.

I go on approach procedure.